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Datum: Mon 09/28/15 7:12AM
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Eintrag: They have a long history.
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Eintrag: People are going to own their own gla**es.
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Eintrag: As you can see, having a dream, believing it¡¯s possible, planning out how you¡¯re going to achieve it, and taking action all go together. So whatever your dream is, create a plan of action and get started. Even if your confidence in achieving might be a bit weak at first, as you complete each small step, you¡¯ll gain more belief in yourself.
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Eintrag: This entrepreneur had no idea that his love for motorcycle sports would develop into a company that is well known as the premier sports brand around the globe.
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Eintrag: One thing that you must keep in mind when choosing a Valentines Day gift for her is that it need not be an expensive piece of jewelry, but must show how much you love her.
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Datum: Sun 08/30/15 2:01AM
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Eintrag: History of botany is as old as man himself. During the early civilizations Assyrians, Egyptians, Chinese and In-dians (Sushruta, Parasar and Charak) had significant .contributions to the un-derstanding of plants, especially, their medicinal importance. Greek philoso-phers like Aristotle (the-father of biol-ogy), Theophrastus (the father of botany), not only described plants but also tried to categories them.
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