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Eintrag: Ebbinghaus (1885) used recall method for studying remembering and Drgetting. He was of the view that retention can be tested either by the method of (i) immediate recall or, (ii) delayed recall, When recall is made immediate after learning, it is called 'immediate recall'; whereas, when recall is made after an interval of time, it is called 'delayed recall'.
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Eintrag: Men cannot hope to rid the world of the scourge of civil an international conflicts nor make it a safe place till they have created for each member of the human race conditions of life which allow for development and unrestricted use of human intelligence and capabilities so that man should not only be able to satisfy his physical and spiritual needs, but also seek fulfillment in other ways.
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Eintrag: These principles are declared at the summits after making a historic a**essment of international relations at a particular time. All decisions are taken by consensus. Indeed by this yard-stick, non-alignment has shown a remarkable capacity to develop and survive inspite of many challenges.
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Eintrag: Afghanistan presents the latest development which Soviet Union is alleged to have occupied by military force. However, the Soviet Union pleads that she was requested by the successive Governments of Afghanistan for help in establishing normalcy.
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Eintrag: Mircro theory of distribution refers to pricing of factor services or functional or factorial distribution. The price of a commodity and a factor of production depend on the demand for and supply of a commodity and a factor. But there are two differences between commodity pricing and factor pricing.
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Eintrag: Let¡¯s say you make $100,000. If you contribute $5,000 to a traditional IRA account, it¡¯s pre-tax money so instead of being taxed on $100,000, you¡¯ll be taxed on $95,000 instead, saving you some money. However, when you pull the money out later on during retirement, you¡¯ll have to pay taxes since it¡¯ll be considered as income.
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Eintrag: Sometimes, you may find that your entire plan is off and you¡¯ll have to change what you¡¯re doing completely even if it means changing careers or quitting your current path in order to follow a new path up the same mountain. It could even mean taking several steps back in order to move further ahead. You may even have to drop all of your goals and just focus solely on one goal.
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Eintrag: At the end of it all, you will get to look at your project in its entirety, the life you¡¯ve created, and how you will feel will depend on how good of a job you think you did compared to whatever standard you live by.
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